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What can I buy here on filehub24.com?

Basically we offer 3 types of products: Web Themes, PHP Scripts and Design Templates for Photoshop. You can buy these products and get access to the original project files immediately after payment.

What is included in the product package?

You will receive all the necessary files and information to customize the product to your needs. Files are usually provided as a ZIP archive.

How are HTML themes delivered?

Standard license: You will receive a fully rendered version of the theme, as filehub24.com presents it, in HTML and CSS format. With the exception that there are no photos or videos included, but placeholders.

Extended License / Exclusive License: You get, in addition to the rendered HTML and CSS files, the project source files in SLIM and SCSS format. This allows a developer to completely re-render the theme.

More about HTML-Theme License

Standard License – HTML Themes

The standard license allows you to implement 1 project (e.g. a website) with the theme. You can customize the theme by overwriting or directly changing the HTML / CSS files to your needs.

Extended License – HTML Themes

The extended license allows you to create up to 10 projects (e.g. websites) with the theme. You can completely re-render the theme using the included SLIM and SCSS source files.

Exclusive License – HTML Themes

The Exclusive License transfers all rights to the theme from filehub24.com to you. You can use the theme commercially, resell it or build a new product on it. We will remove the project from the store and all advertising campaigns as soon as you have purchased it.

How are graphic design templates delivered?

In most cases, you get a graphic design template as a Photoshop file (PSD) for version 6 or later. If a document is not available as a PSD file, we explicitly point this out in the product description.